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Current Category
Salt water chlorinator

Saltwater chlorinators use low levels of swimming pool grade salt at a minimum of 4000 ppm ( 15% salinity of sea ).

This is electrolyzed using an advanced electronic process to sanitise the pool water. The pool is sanitized automatically even when you are away for extended periods.


Saltwater chlorinator units are available to suit most pool applications from small patio pools to large commercial installations. Suitable for all pool surfaces, including concrete, tile, fiberglass and vinyl.

Simple to install on any existing or new pool.


Saltwater Chlorinator takes care of all your pool's chorine requirements. It is easy-to-use and maintenance, usually requires the regular removal and cleaning of electrodes.



Features : 

  • Set and forget operation.

  • Self cleaning cell.

  • Digital time switch for automatic operation.

  • LCD display and LED indicators.

  • Tropicalized PCB Coating.

  • Auto delay to allow pump to prime.

  • High flow rate cell.

  • Super chlorinate with ease.

  • Add salt without turning chlorinator off.

  • Mounting bracket for simple installation.

  • Large cell anode and cathode area.

  • Built-in safety sensor.

  • Low salt indicator then lower electrolysis current.

  • Water flow indicator and current cut off.

  • Full length external heat sink.

  • Chlorine output control switch.

  • High grade UV stabilized rust and weather proof cabinet.

  • Most efficient and economical pool sanitizing system.

  • No handling or storing of chlorine.

  • Environmentally friendly - Salt is a natural product.

Specification : 

   Models are available depending of pool size


















Installation and maintenance:


Electrode cell must be installed horizontally and after sand filter. Power box must not be installed directly above any other heat source such as filter pump or heater. 


It must be at least300mm from the ground to allow free circulation of air. It is better for power box life if it is mounted in a shady spot and not in direct sunlight.


We warranty for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase, defects found to be due solely to faulty materials or workmanship.

We will repair or replace at its option such faulty materials or parts free of charge.

Salt water Chlorinator 10g/h
Salt water Chlorinator 10g/h

Suitable for 20 M3 pools

Our export price is below

Salt water Chlorinator 20g/h
Salt water Chlorinator 20g/h

Suitable for 50 M3 pools

Our export price is below

Salt water Chlorinator 30g/h
Salt water Chlorinator 30g/h

Suitable for 70 M3 pools

Our export price is below

Salt water Chlorinator 40g/h
Salt water Chlorinator 40g/h

Suitable for 100 M3 pools

Our export price is below